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Our Work
Governance Research Programme
Since 1990 governance has assumed a variety of meanings to capture the changing nature of the interactions among state, society, and market resulting in various outcomes of development. Our governance research involves a systematic inquiry into development challenges, opportunities and vulnerabilities in a country’s context using concepts that enable an analysis of the interactions between multiple state and non-state actors in ways that inform public policy and inclusive development. Our governance analysis occurs at the intersection of state-society-market (see the Venn Diagram).

AFRIGI works on the basis that governance is an analytical construct from which developmental challenges and opportunities are diagnosed and best-fit solutions developed. We apply multiple conceptual approaches and mixed research methods to arrive at comprehensive findings on ‘what works’, ‘what does not work’ and ‘why’.

Through scholarly research, AFRIGI builds a body of knowledge on Africa’s governance and development challenges and opportunities and uses that knowledge to inform development policy discussions, design of intervention projects and programmes at the community, district and national level; and strengthens local and central government capacity to effectively implement and manage inclusive development.

We have world-class standard professional competencies in the following research areas:
* Inclusive governance
* Urbanization and Structural Transformation
* Social Protection
* Decentralization & Local Governance
* Information Disclosure, Transparency and Accountability
* Peace and Security
* Development Aid
* Political Economy Analysis
* Public Service Provision
* Public-Private Partnerships in Infrastructure Provision
* Natural Resource Management
* Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights
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