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About Us

About Us
Who We Are?
African Governance Institute (AFRIGI) is a pan-African organization established by African researchers, academics and development practitioners. Its office is located in The Hague, (The Netherlands) and with affiliated organizations and networks in various countries in Africa. AFRIGI undertakes high quality governance and policy-relevant research, provides tailor-made training, innovative thinking, and advisory and outreach services to public and private sector organisations, central and municipal governments, and international development agencies working in Africa.

Registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in 2014, AFRIGI‚Äôs vision is to become a Centre of Excellence in innovative and strategic thinking for strengthening institutions and structures for effective governance and development management at the national and sub-national level in African countries.  
AFRIGI believes that governance lies at the centre of the challenges as well as the opportunities for promoting inclusive development in Africa. Each of the 54 countries that constitute the region is unique in its governance mechanisms yet there are many socio-cultural, political, economic and geographical features that bind the countries together as a region. AFRIGI believes these unique characteristics inform the nature and variety of governance models that are developed and implemented in each of the countries. Promoting development interventions means not only understanding these institutions but also working with them to change the lives of the people on whose interest intervention policies and programmes are designed and implemented.

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